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BANKCODE & Cheri Tree: 3 Things You Have to Know Before You Start

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As an international Speaker, John has served Communities of sales professionals for the last 18 yrs. John is also an avid Real Estate Investor with assets in Texas, Utah, Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington and Maryland.

John has a vast and deep knowledge of sales, human communication and perpetual drivers that enhance the human condition. Researching and Studying Sales for over 20 yrs, John has taken the systems and process of the Seminar and Telemarking world of the mega Guru’s to create a sales system that engages the client and sales professional in a relationship of trust and authority for quicker results for all parties.

Founder- Wealth Safari, Inc. A Marketing and Sales Business, training for Entrepreneurs in High end Entrepreneurial learning in Sales and Sales Systems.

Founder of Real Deal Real Estate Investors and Real Deal Real Estate Tour. John formed an alliance to build Nationwide teams of apprenticing real estate investors in support of team growth and success in multiple markets across the country.

Former contracts: Rich Dad Education, Wealth Intelligence Academy, Russ Whitney Edu MFG Capital, Tigrent Learning, JTWB International, Consulted Loral Langmiere with LIveOutLoud, and many more to provide Marketing Systems / High End Courses Mentoring, sales teams with complete systems and training offerings.

Recent entrepreneurial joint ventures with Renatus Marketing, John Dessauer, Bryan L. Sump, Jerry Norton, Peter Conti, Gavin McCaleb and Jim Toner. Creating of high end learning and mentoring along with the delivery and sales systems and material for their enrollment. John played an intricate part in the success of their businesses.

John trains sales professionals principles of working as a team and the "Interview Sales System" that john created in the expansion of nationwide investor teams.

"In order to teach & mentor, you must also be willing to Do what you profess to know!" - John Ferguson

John continues his role as a Sales Professional providing systems, mentoring, coaching and sales solutions. Building nationwide teams in real estate investment, speaking and developing communities while coaching and mentoring Professional Sales People and Business Owners.

BANKCODE & Cheri Tree: 3 Things You Have to Know Before You Start

So, you’re doing your research on Cheri Tree. Hey, we get it. Increasing your sales by 300% seems almost too good to be true. But it is true. It is possible. And Cheri Tree isn’t the only one who has benefited off of the B.A.N.K. sales methodology that she created.

But, before you check out the reviews, let us answer these three very important questions for you…


Why BANKCODE? Well, Cheri Tree has established a network of Affiliates that functions as an excellent support team, and inspirational peers. It’s all about the sales and success with BANKCODE, and signing on is simple. As a B.A.N.K. Trainer, you’ll show people in your industry how to master the science of communication, negotiation, and closing more sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re in real estate, automotive sales, or any industry. If it’s about sales and negotiation, the B.A.N.K. method can increase your sales revenue.

Why Cheri Tree?

She’s a professional trainer. What’s that? Well, she spends her time travelling and helping people learn the ins and outs of successful sales, negotiation, and communication. With her innovative method, she helps people around the world increase sales and revenue, leverage personality science, quickly connect with their prospects, and crack personality codes…
For Cheri Tree, it’s all about taking it to the BANK, and BANKCODE can help you do that. It’s not just about cracking codes, it’s about consistently building your sales and revenue. To read more Cheri Tree reviews, visit

Why Not Start Now?

Well… what’s stopping you, really? BANKCODE and the B.A.N.K. method, can change the way you approach your sales and your entire career. To start with BANKCODE today, visit

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